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Here at Wildacre Cosmetics we have a wide range of plant and equipment to suit every customer’s requirements. We manufacture, fill and pack your goods in house to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout. It allows us to provide our customers with the flexibility they require.

From small start up companies who need less than 1000 units to get a product launch off the ground, to well developed brands requiring high volume production; we can provide the facilities required. Our flexibility and dedication allows us to support your brand, providing a stable production partner which will continue to support you as you expand.

We have eight dedicated production lines, packing stations and bulk manufacturing facilities, all of which gives us maximum control over the quality of your products and the ability to meet your highest demands. We also constantly review and update our facilities in order to increase the efficiencies and flexibility we can offer.

  • We are able to fill 20ml – 1,000ml bottles, we can produce shampoos and conditioners, oils and lotions as well as creams and washes. All of which can be produced on site to your formulation or one which we can develope for you. Our extensive supplier base can help you match or source your packaging in a variety of materials and colours. We can match an existing range or design a new one; glass or plastic, clear or coloured, labelled or printed, we can bring your product ideas to life.Working with our clients on full service and free issue basis means that if you’ve already got all your packaging or don’t know where to start we can provide the same efficient service to every client. To discuss your requirements further contact a member of our team.

  • We have the capabilities to produce in either Aluminium or Plastic Tubes in any diameter and any volume from 10ml – 200ml.With our full service production option, we will use our industry contacts to source the best materials for the range you are producing. Whether in small numbers or large volumes we know the companies which will help us with your needs. With both labelled and printed tubes available we can help even the smallest of brands add tubes to their ranges without the high minimum order quantities you may have already come up against.We also offer a bespoke manufacturing option with many customers providing there own packaging or materials.
  • Our dedicated line is capable of filling between 20 and 1,000ml, into glass or plastic containers which are labelled or printed. Specialising in creams for a variety of clients, we are the solution to all your current and future manufacturing needs. Working to your own formulation or developing one for you, our facilities are ideal. With our full service option we can match or source the packing required for your brand. Alternatively we can take delivery of your free issue materials an only supply the labour to produce your finished goods, or anything in between!

Hot fill
  • Our bulk manufacture facilities are ideal for those products which need to be filled whilst being maintained at a constant temperature. One of our dedicated production lines produces this type of product we are therefore ideally placed to meet all your hot fill needs. With the line being predominantly used for lip balms and salves, our product knowledge for these ranges is ideally suited for all clients who wish to venture into this market. No matter what your product, we can match or formulate for any application. We also manufacture deo, ice and perfume sticks. Working with suppliers we can source all your packaging needs or work with clients free issue stock in order that order quantity can be catered for. Contact our team for more information.
Bulk Manufacture
  • We are able to provide you with bulk product for your own down stream production and our development team will work with you to ensure the formulation meets your specification. Your bulk material can then be delivered to you in a bulk packs from 100 to 1000 litres

Contact our team for more information on how we can help with your bulk material production requirements.

Contract packing
  • With a range of packing facilities we can help you meet your deadlines. Whether you have gifts sets which need to be put together or have a bulk product which needs to be split into retail packs, we can help.Our experience of contract packing makes us an ideal partner for your business. Contact our team for more information on how we can help.